Where to eat… Fried chicken in Amsterdam

Much like my recent piece about tacos in Amsterdam, this article wouldn’t have been possible to write even just a couple of years ago. But fried chicken is having a moment in Amsterdam right now, and who am I to count calories when there’s serious research to be done? Whether you like your fried chicken hot or sweet, with biscuits or booze, there’s a kip joint in Amsterdam that’s got your name on it. ‘Cause these places are all finger lickin’.

Southern fried chicken: Biscuit Baby

I had to start with Biscuit Baby, because theirs was hands-down the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted in Amsterdam. The chicken itself is moist and succulent, with a lightly fried coating and a fabulously hot spice mix applied to it if that’s your thing (it’s completely optional but highly recommended). It also comes with hot honey, which is just the bomb. Because Biscuit Baby is in the business of southern fried chicken, most menu items come with biscuits – which are self-explanatory if you’re American and are like savoury scones if you’re everyone else. Impressively, the biscuits are pillowy soft but don’t fall apart the minute you bite into them. The waffle fries with ranch dressing are also the real deal – these guys can do no wrong.

Biscuit Baby - southern fried chicken
Biscuit Baby: the best southern fried chicken in Amsterdam

The only downside is that Biscuit Baby is currently a pop-up on Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes – and that’s it. At the time of writing, they’re at Café Scrapyard and are only offering takeaway. The lack of eat-in tables makes this a challenge if you don’t live in West, as it was tricky to eat all that food on a bench by the canal. (I mean, I was happy to take one for the team, but just sayin’…) Keep an eye on Biscuit Baby’s social media, however, as locations can change quickly and I don’t always manage to keep this stuff up-to-date.

Nashville hot chicken: Kip It Real

In 2020, the people who brought us Box Sociaal came out with Kip It Real – a good old-fashioned chicken bar. Think a range of chicken wings and chicken sandwiches, as well as various larger plates and sides. We tried the “Burner” – aka Nashville hot chicken (a favourite of mine from time spent in Tennessee) – which was a spicy, crispy-fried chicken thigh on a heavily calorific bun (I’m assuming it had been dunked in butter) with pickles and mayo. Diet food this is not. But it definitely hit the spot, especially with the addition of some homemade “real hot” sauce. The wings were equally good – coated in a buttermilk jacket and deep-fried to crispy perfection, served with a range of different sauces. My favourites were the aforementioned real hot, homemade ranch, and something sweet and spicy that might have been peach-habanero. Kip It Real has got My Next Hangover written all over it…

Takeaway Amsterdam - Kip It Real
Fried chicken every which way from Kip It Real

Surinamese fried chicken: Naskip

For somewhere with actual seating, head to Dapperstraat and pay a visit to Naskip. We tried their fillet strips, wings and a few larger, bone-in pieces, and all were moist and full of flavour with a perfectly crispy coating. The star of the show, however, has to be Naskip’s Surinamese hot sauce – which is fiercely spicy yet fruity from (I assume) the Madame Jeanette chilli peppers. But why wasn’t there more of it? We ordered over €30 in chicken (it was the Euro 2020 football finals) and only received one tiny pot of the spicy gold.

The side dishes – regular fries, sweet potato fries and corn on the cob – were all pretty decent, but again could have come with some sauces. Chips and mayo, anyone?

Korean fried chicken: Gangnam Chicken

Possibly the crispiest of the bunch was Gangnam Chicken – now with two locations, in West and Oost respectively. I’d wanted to eat inside (which is only possible at the branch in West) but at the last moment it was pouring with rain so we ended up getting takeaway from the Oost location. The crispiness apparently comes from the fact that Gangnam Chicken’s wings are double-coated-and-fried. And the small format (drumettes, wings or boneless) means that there’s plenty of surface area for the coating to cover. They offer three sauces, all of which were a bit sweet for my taste, but the Korean pepper sauce was at least moderately spicy. I also loved their kimchi!

Korean fried chicken from Gangnam Chicken

Fried chicken and cocktails: Rotisserie

Just down the road from Gangnam Chicken on Beukenplein, you’ll find Rotisserie East (there’s also a Rotisserie West on De Clercqstraat). It has a handy sheltered terrace, but the inside is cosy as well – so you’ve got fried chicken covered in both summer and winter. Said chicken has a wonderfully savoury, moreish, crispy coating. Mr Foodie says it’s a travesty that it was off-the-bone chicken thighs cut into slices, but from a practical perspective it worked perfectly. And the ranch dressing was a nice touch, too. Meanwhile, Rotisserie’s cocktails are fantastic and good value – it was at Rotisserie that I discovered the Boulevardier (a whisky-vermouth-Campari combo that I’m currently addicted to). But you can also go off menu with an espresso martini or a mezcal sour.

Fried chicken with vegetarian friends: Feed Amsterdam

Feed Amsterdam re-opened in its current incarnation in summer 2020. But before that, it was a branch of the highly popular Aussie mini-chain Drovers Dog. While they’ve added a radio studio and a focus on music and community, much of the rest remains the same: the décor is not much changed, and you’ll see several familiar faces among the staff members. And while the menu overall now features far more veg-led dishes, one meaty item that’s still going strong is the fried chicken. A generous portion of hot, crispy, delicious chicken that’s served with (what I think is) siracha mayonnaise. It’s a good sharing-sized plate for a couple of friends having a borrel. And if the rest of your friends are vegetarian, they’ll be happy too.

Feed Amsterdam - fried chicken in Amsterdam
Feed Amsterdam’s fried chicken

Where else serves fried chicken in Amsterdam?

Let me know your favourites in the comments! One that’s on my to-eat list is Ladybird FC but they’re currently between locations… something to look forward to!

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Biscuit Baby (American)

Feed Amsterdam (International)

Gangnam Chicken (Korean)

Kip It Real (American)

Naskip (Surinamese)

Rotisserie East (American)


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