Postcards from America part VIII: Texas

Dear foodies,

Food in Texas is about two things: barbecue and Mexican. So here’s my roundup of the best of both…

The barbecue pit at Smitty’s Market in Lockhart…

… and the brisket and sausage I ate there.

Meat on a sword from Texas de Brazil Churrascaria in Fort Worth.

Enchiladas from Polvos in Austin (the photo on their own site does it far more justice).

Taco stall at Austin’s trailer park dining scene, which seems to be in fashion all across the south!

Fajitas and margaritas from Joe T. Garcia’s in Fort Worth.

I’m a little sad writing this because I leave the States tomorrow after an immense three weeks. That means no more impeccable service, no more giant portions, and no more Dodge Charger (I didn’t tell you about that). On the plus side, it also means I no longer have to tip just for breathing, I can drink water without ice, and I’ll be reunited with my trusty bike… plus, this blog will start making more sense to anyone who’s just googled “Amsterdam food blog”.

Till next time, gastronauts, when we will eet smakelijk once again!

Amsterdam Foodie



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