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Fish restaurant Amsterdam: Bar Fisk – reviewed

Around a year ago, I wrote about some fishy business: the rise of seafood restaurants in Amsterdam. The Netherlands’ proximity to the North Sea means it has always been a country of fishermen, but until fairly recently its fishing industry was represented in Amsterdam by the ubiquitous herring/kibbeling stands and not a lot else. Nowadays, places to eat a variety of high-quality fish abound in this city, and as someone who’s trying slowly but steadily to eat rather less meat, this is a more than welcome development. Nothing speaks of the moment of cool that fish restaurants in Amsterdam are currently enjoying better than Bar Fisk: part cocktail bar, part pescatarian paradise. If you’re lucky, you might even get to sit at the fish-shaped table.

I’ve been there twice now: the first time for cocktails; the second time for a friend’s birthday dinner. The cocktails were pretty good – not quite up there with HPS and its ilk, but definitely very solid for a place that’s more restaurant than bar. Mine was the one that looks like it’s in a test tube: appropriately called “Back to the Lab”, it’s a citrusy concoction with a few sweet and herbal notes for extra chemistry.

Bar Fisk Amsterdam - cocktail bar
“Back to the Lab” cocktail at Bar Fisk

The food is designed to be shared but is larger than tapas-sized portions. Order a couple of dishes per person and see how you’re getting on after that. Highlights for me were the corvina tartar, which was essentially a cross between ceviche, tabbouleh and smoked aubergine: literally three of my favourite things on one plate. Mackerel (also cured rather than cooked) was served with roasted cauliflower, chilli and a tahini sauce: again, there were so many of my best-loved ingredients here that I couldn’t fail to love the dish.

Fish restaurant Amsterdam - Bar Fisk
Ceviche + tabbouleh + aubergine = these are a few of my favourite things…
Bar Fisk - fish restaurant Amsterdam
Middle East meets Mediterranean: mackerel, cauliflower and tahini

Squid came with earthy beetroot salad and crunchy roasted pecan nuts. Golden fried sardines arrived swimming in a peppery dressing atop a marine blue plate (probably my favourite photo I’ve taken in a while). And pan-fried bream fillets were served simply with some roasted garlic, toasted almonds and yoghurt.

Bar Fisk Amsterdam - fish and seafood restaurant
Silver sardines swimming in marine blue…
Bar Fisk Amsterdam - sharing food
Beetroot, squid and pecan salad

Equally simple were the half-dozen raw oysters (although I’d have preferred a simple wedge of lemon to the sauce they came with), as well as a whole sea bass, freshly grilled and served with bright green parsley and creamy garlic sauces.

Bar Fisk Amsterdam - oysters
Oysters. ‘Nuff said.
Bar Fisk Amsterdam - fish
Golden bream: simple but perfectly formed

Bar Fisk does a couple of meat dishes, too. They were just as good, but since the fish was so outstanding it would seem a shame to order meat unless you’re with a non-fishy friend. For me, however, it’s the combination of Middle Eastern flavours and fresh Mediterranean ingredients that really sets Bar Fisk apart. The service could still probably do with a little ironing out (and the restaurant is fairly new, so there could still be teething problems) but the menu is nothing short of gorgeous already.

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Bar Fisk (Mediterranean)

Eerste Sweelinckstraat 23, (De Pijp)020 235 2117 /

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