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Worst Wijncafe: better than sausage

Apr 292012
 April 29, 2012  Restaurant reviews  Add comments

It’s a bit unfortunate that the Dutch word for sausage is the same as the English superlative for bad. Especially when the sausage I’m going to tell you about was probably some of the best I’ve ever had. But then you’d expect that from the people who brought us Marius, one of my all-time favourite restaurants in Amsterdam.

Worst Wijncafe does what is says (in Dutch) on the tin: it’s a casual hangout where you can drink fabulous wines by the glass (or the half glass – why bother?) or of course by the bottle. But when there’s this much grapey goodness on offer, you don’t want to stick to one.

The menu features a dozen or so dishes, all of which are small and meant for sharing – a bit like tapas. And just to save you the embarrassment of realising you’re not actually a wine connoisseur, the menu tells you which wines to drink with each dish.

We started with a fresh, warm sausage sitting in a bowl of lentils, with a glass of something white and clean-tasting. Pork and wine are two of my all-time favourite things in the world. If I’d been struck by a bolt of lightning at that very moment, I’d have died a happy woman.

Next, we had a semi-soft goat’s cheese (it turned out that, in addition to pork, there were other cheese and charcuterie options) with a lightly pickled fennel salad. A man with a fabulous leather apron suggested a full-bodied, deep-coloured Italian white to go with the cheese, which more or less sang an opera on my tongue.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, the rillettes appeared – soft, melting with pork fat, and coupled with a caramelised red endive and sultana affair. The wine that came with it was a classic Italian red that I could have bathed in all night.

But of course I didn’t, because our final dish was a plate of air-dried ham with pears, walnuts and a glass of red that made my drinking buddy go “Oooh, it’s all musky and sexy like pheromones!” which I think probably says all you need to know.

As for me, I could write sausage innuendo all evening. But instead I’m just telling you to go and eat it.

  9 Responses to “Worst Wijncafe: better than sausage”

  1. Just came across your blog and feeling my way through. This is the first and Worst article I have read of yours. Absolutely brilliant when I realised it was chock full of sausage related innuendo. Went back and read it a second time.

  2. Ahh Felix, us Brits love a bit of innuendo… especially when it involves food!

  3. We are foodies from Portland, Oregon (USA) and ventured to Worst for dinner on our third night in Amsterdam. It was so good, we had dinner there again the next night. Started with a nice cava and a small charcuterie plate. The plate had a local smoked pork shoulder, prosciutto, local fresh pâté,and coppa. The bread is super fresh and the charcuterie is served with mustard and cornichons. We also had the chicken liver parfait (yum!) and then moved on to the lobster sausage and the chorizo. Both were tasty and served with local, fresh greens or veggies. I actually don’t like asparagus, but loved the white asparagus served with the lobster sausage. We also had a Cabernet franc with the meal, which was fabulous. Finished with a chocolate salami, chocolate with walnuts, almost like a fudge, but lighter. The staff, including the servers and chef were friendly and attentive. We inquired about the chef from Marius, as we are fans of Chez Panisse in Berkeley. Marius is next door and the chef came over to say hello. An awesome experience, which we highly recommend.

  4. Glad you liked Worst, Stephenie – it is definitely one of my favourite places! Always wanted to go to Portland btw… heard so many good food stories about it :-)

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  6. So I took your advice and went to Worst with a friend, which was indeed had some of the best (couldn’t resist) sausages I’ve ever had. I was mildly adventurous and went for the lobster sausage and the charcuterie plate. Had a delightful white to accompany it all, as it was a warm day. Great and enthusiastic service too. Unfortunately the whole experience was marred by the check: a whopping €45 pp. That’s right, a plate of cold cuts, two sausages and a bottle of wine was a whopping €90 not including the tip! Suddenly my sausage got a little stuck in my darm, if you know what I mean. The takeaway is that, while I enjoyed my little meal, it was in no way worth the heartburn. Oh well.

  7. Wow – when I went I didn’t spend more than €25?!

  8. Thank you for this recommendation! Everything about my experience there was perfect.

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