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(I) lovefood

Jul 222009
 July 22, 2009  Restaurant reviews  Add comments

Please note that since writing this blog post, lovefood has closed down.

Yes, I know you know that. But imagine it’s Sunday, I’m hungover (as usual), there’s nothing in the fridge – suddenly I love food a bit more. Brunch is called for, be it stodge and grease or fresh and fruity.

I’ve been meaning to write about lovefood Sundays for a couple of months, and since I haven’t posted any reviews in a while, now seems as good a time as any. A pop-up concept hosted on a monthly basis, lovefood is the brainchild of British entrepreneur Jason Hartley, whose pay-off goes something like, ‘simple things done well’. Currently, the simple things include eggs Benedict (that really are very very hard to find elsewhere in this city), full English breakfast (ditto), American pancakes, Huevos Rancheros and other weekly specials, depending on the season. Brunch is served between 11 am and 3 pm, but the plan is to find a permanent venue that will allow the lovefood brand to grow wider than the brunch market.

Eggs Florentine - a close relation of Benedict...

Eggs Florentine - a close relation of Benedict...

All-American breakfast

All-American breakfast

French toast with strawberry jam

French toast with strawberry jam

I can’t deny that Jason and I are foodie acquaintances, which is possibly why I’ve been putting off writing this review for a while. On my first visit to lovefood back in March 2009 (when it was housed at Cafe Finch), I had the signature eggs Benedict, and then ordered the same again a month later having told my chef friend what I thought; things had definitely improved. And that’s the beauty of lovefood: unlike many other restaurateurs, Jason’s background is in marketing, so he’s on a constant quest for customer feedback. In a city renowned for poor service, listening to customers is refreshing.

Since those early eggs Benedict days, I’ve been back for an all-American breakfast (pancakes, hash browns, sausages…) and a club sandwich. The food is generous, fresh and cooked with – well – love. But in the spirit of being independent, I can’t write this review without noting that timing and service are not always consistent or up to scratch. Go early, or risk a wait.

That said, hearty, classic, hit-the-spot brunch food is hard to come by in Amsterdam, so lovefood’s offering is long overdue. And if your hangover leaves you loving food too this Sunday, I may well see you there…

PS. Photos by Mehul Derodra – kindly donated by a better photographer than me…

  6 Responses to “(I) lovefood”

  1. Looks great….how are the huevos rancheros? It would totally be worth getting hungover for some real Mexicanish grub….

  2. Hi Mark,

    I’ve never actually eaten the Huevos Rancheros, to be honest (the spicy stuff never quite appeals to me at 12 noon on a hangover) but others have said good things about them…

    I checked out your blog, by the way – I love the way you write… added you to my blogroll and intended to leave a comment but not sure if I ever did. I am so hectic at the moment… anyway, keep up the good work!


  3. Hey, you too (good work keeping up)! And thanks for the add….

  4. Thanks for posting about this, I’d heard of via-via, but didn’t have a name or address to go on, and promptly forgot about it. It’s hard to believe that with so many expats in A’dam, it’s been so long coming. It’s one of the eating options that I’ve certainly missed. Have you heard anything about Café George for brunch? Some friends of mine have been very positive about it.

  5. I’ve been to Cafe George a couple of times and had mixed experiences: the first time I went just with one friend and had what was basically a salad nicoise in a ciabatta. I like it a lot. The second time, I went with a group of people, the service was terrible and extremely slow given that what the kitchen produced was very simple and showed no creativity. Maybe Sunday brunch would be better though – we were on lunch break from work so short on time…

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