I love hearing from readers, and I do my best to respond to emails within a couple of days. However, if my inbox gets really out of hand, it’s unfortunately not possible to reply to everyone! Please take a look at my FAQs before emailing me, as you might just find your answer there first…

can you recommend a restaurant in Amsterdam?

If you’re looking for restaurant tips, check out my Restaurant Finder. While I love receiving your emails, I don’t have any other recommendations than those listed there! Do check out some of my most popular posts for commonly requested restaurant recommendations:

do you accept restaurant tips from readers?

Yes! I love to hear about new openings or restaurants that you’ve recently tried (with positive results!) that aren’t on the site yet.

will you come and review a specific restaurant?

I get dozens of press releases and invitations to restaurants every week. While I really appreciate hearing about them, there simply aren’t enough meals in the day to visit them all! However, I will generally add them to my “to eat” list for future reference.

do you write sponsored posts?

Amsterdam Foodie is one of the few objective, independent restaurant review blogs in Amsterdam. To maintain this principle, I try to book anonymously and pay for all food and drinks myself. In the few exceptions to this rule, I disclose the fact that I was invited by the restaurant in question when writing my review. All opinions are my own.

do you write product reviews?

No – I only write restaurant reviews (and occasional articles about culinary concepts like pop-ups or workshops). I do not review individual ingredients or food brands.

do you accept guest posts?

No – I am the only author on Amsterdam Foodie. I do occasionally write guest posts for other publications, however.

do you have a media kit?

Yes, you can download it here.

how can I buy your cookbook?

Vicky Hampton’s Working Lunch is a handy, compact lunch cookbook that’s available in both hardback printed and e-book formats. You can buy it via the web shop on this site.

If (like me) you can’t afford to eat out in restaurants all the time, you need my cookbook to spice up your lunch! The print version is the price of a simple meal; the e-book version the price of a craft beer 🙂

how can I keep up-to-date with Amsterdam food and restaurant news?

To receive instant notifications of all the latest restaurant reviews, foodie events, articles, projects and related news, follow the Amsterdam Foodie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube.

do you offer other freelance food/writing services?

Yes – when I’m not blogging as the Amsterdam Foodie, I’m a professional copywriter, editor, translator (Dutch to English), social media manager, and marketing/communications consultant. Of course, I specialise in food, but my work covers a range of other topics too – take a look at my portfolio site, VickyHampton.com, for details. Get in touch via email for rates and availability.

how can I contact you?

Please email Vicky: amsterdamfoodie@gmail.com

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