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Whether you’re looking for the best international cuisine, a local restaurant or food for a special occasion, you’ll find a recommendation to suit your palate and your wallet in the categories below. To make your own suggestions of your favourite places to eat, leave a comment or email Vicky Hampton.

Restaurant of the month!

The Amsterdam Foodie's current top five recommended restaurants:

  1. Best Coast Taqueria (Mexican) 5 Star Rating
    Jan Pieter Heijestraat 137 (Oud-West), 06 55272427, website
    Great tacos popping up at BarBrå (Fri and Sat) and Cafe Bedford Stuyvesant (Thur)!
  2. Choux (European) 5 Star Rating
    De Ruyterkade 128 (Nieuwmarkt), 06 16 51 23 , website
    Fantastic food in a permanent location from the people who brought us Foyer pop-up
  3. Eetbar Wilde Zwijnen (European) 5 Star Rating
    Javaplein 25 (Oost/Watergraafsmeer), 020 354 4000, website
    Excellent small sharing plates of seasonally led food. Good wines too!
  4. Marius (European) 5 Star Rating
    Barentszstraat 243 (Westerpark), 020 422 7880, website Book now
    Unpretentious food, intimate dining
  5. Van Rijn (European) 4 Star Rating
    Rembrandtplein 17 (Rembrandtplein), 020 450 0555, website
    Good late-night dining option, especially for the most touristy square in Amsterdam

And if you’re interested in more than just restaurants, check out my top picks of bars, markets and food shops in Amsterdam…

  42 Responses to “Recommendations”

  1. We (my wife and I) are from Bozeman, Montana USA and making our first trip to Amsterdam and staying at the Banks Mansion for 5 days in late April. I like your blog and we are going to try Vis Ann, etc; in de keuchen and Cafe Toussant at your recommendation. Several times you mention kitchen week. WHat is that. We are foodies (much older than you) with a wood fired oven at home and have cooked and eaten all over the world. If you have any particular suggestions we would love to entertain them and buy you a drink if you like.

  2. Banks Mansion is great (and also has a free bar for guests!) – you’ll love it. Restaurant Week (which is what I think you mean) happens twice a year, and all participating restaurants offer a special menu for a discounted price. We’ve just had one, though, so the next one won’t be when you’re over here… You should definitely try some Indonesian while you’re in Amsterdam – I recommend Blauw on Amstelveenseweg. Keep in touch! Vicky

  3. Hi Vicky,

    I recently received a ‘dinercheque’ (, but can’t seem to make a decision where to go. Most seem nondescript places, or I just have never heard of them. I figured you might have experience dealing with this challenge? Do you happen to have any suggestions?

  4. Interesting! Never heard of Dinner Cheques before! But I searched the Amsterdam restaurants ( and I’ve reviewed quite a few of them, so feel free to search for the restaurants on my site and see what I thought of them 😉

  5. Really? I can only find two (Memories of India and Me Naam Naan). Maybe I’ll stick with one of those then!

  6. Memories of India is good!
    (I have reviewed others but maybe you haven’t seen them because they’re not in my recommendations lists…)

  7. My partner and I stumbled over here by a different web page and thought I might as well check things out.
    I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking over your web page again.

  8. My husband and I are from New York and will be in Amsterdam over New Years Eve. Any advice as to where we could have a great meal and celebrate?

  9. Hi Sarah,
    I’m afraid I don’t know which restaurants will be open, but check out my recommendations (especially the “fine dining” category if you’re looking for something special) and hopefully you’ll find somewhere that’s open!

  10. Hi Vicky
    My girlfriend and I would like to have lunch in Jordaan on Friday. Any suggestions? Look forward to hearing from you. V

  11. Vik: how about La Oliva? Pintxos place…

  12. There are no North African restaurants listed, but a lots of people from Morocco living in Amsterdam.

  13. Apologies, Ben, I’ve had to combine Moroccan with Turkish, Lebanese, etc under Middle Eastern:

  14. @Vicky Thanks!

  15. Hi Vicky

    My boyfriend and I are spending Valentines day in Amsterdam, and I wondered if you had any ideas on a good restaurant for this. Something not too ‘touristy’ would be great!

  16. Cake loves Coffee just had it’s first year’s anniversary

    An oversight like that?????

  17. I love your website, so happy I stumbled upon it. Ive lived in Amsterdam for half a year and have my whole family coming to visit me. They are expecting me to show them the best food Amsterdam has to offer. Where would you take a family of 6 (youngest is 4, oldest is 48) for dinner, that has a great ambiance and charm to it but mostly amazing tasting food!?

    Thank you!!

  18. I discovered my companion Lor has commented as well.
    If she gave you five forks then I’m sure it can be good quality.

  19. Hi Dasha, can you give any indication of budget or location? Without a few more criteria, it’s hard to make a recommendation! All my recommendations are searchable on this page…

    Thanks, Vicky

  20. Hi Vicky,

    Been using your website for reviews and found some great places so thanks. I wonder if you’ve been to Cafe Daalder? I have no affiliation, bit went for dinner tonight and felt that (whilst I think really i should keep it a secret) you should know about it, new chef installed recently and the food was brilliant, three course meal for €33 and it was easily worth that. Service was a little Dutch tempo but excusable.

  21. Cafe Daalder… let me see… I think I’ve been for a coffee or maybe a beer there, but never for dinner. And not been recently in any case! So thanks for the tip – it’s close to my house so I’ll pop in sometime…

  22. Hi Vicky, I’m visiting Amsterdam with my wife in June to celebrate my 50th. I’d heard a lot about the Supperclub over the last few years, but recent reviews are very mixed. Can you recommend a place that has a good vibe/ trendy feel – something memorable?



  23. Hi Chris,

    The last time I went to the Supperclub was probably about a decade ago, but indeed, I’ve also heard mixed reports in more recent years. I think it’s become a bit of a victim of its own cool status. I prefer its sister restaurant, Nomads, for memorability… You could also try de Kas – it’s in a huge greenhouse where they grow a lot of the products they serve.


  24. Hi, Vicky.

    I am coming to Amsterdam this weekend, and am looking for a nice restaurant for me and my boyfriend to have a romantic meal. Nothing too expensive and not really a fan of chinese/japanese food. Is there anywhere you would recommend?


  25. Hi Alice,

    I’m so sorry I missed your comment! I was away at the weekend myself in Paris… hope you had a good time in Amsterdam and found some good food!


  26. Vicky,

    I am flying into Amsterdam from Canada at the start of September. It is my first time in Amsterdam. I was hoping to get a table at Greetje, but they are exclusively booked for 5 nights(a convention is in town). I am looking to try some traditional Dutch cuisine and that looked like a good choice.

    Can you recommend something else instead?

    It doesn’t have to be fancy or anything; I just wanted to get a feel for some traditional Dutch food that is not sold at some tourist trap restaurant.

    Gary from Ottawa, Canada

  27. Hi Gary,

    Shame Greetje is booked – it’s a definite favourite! You could try Proeverij 274? Or maybe De Silveren Spiegel, but that is more touristy… Utrechtsedwarstafel and Lastage are also nice but expensive.

    Good luck!

  28. Hi Vicky,

    I am going to in Amsterdam for 4 nights next week. I am staying in the Zuid metro Area. Can you suggest me some nearby restaurants or cafes that offer tasty yet economical food for dinner.

  29. Logged on to say thanks for the recommendation of Saigon Cafe (and got carried away with a reply to the Gebroeders Hartering review – sorry :-s). I was surprised how good it was. Nearly as good the Vietnamese restaurants in Shoreditch which are more rough and ready but slightly better for it. It will become a regular for us now. Thanks again.

  30. I’m interested in Middle Eastern restaurants. I ever visited one of Middle Eastern restaurants in my town and I really liked the food.

  31. What an excellent site. I can’t get over how you take the time to respond to individual queries: tis truly amazing. So I thought I’d try my own luck – I’m in Amsterdam this weekend with a dozen friends, for a 30th birthday. We want one blow-out, celebratory meal, but for various reasons, it needs to be Saturday lunchtime. There’s a few restaurants I’ve been wanting to try, but many of them (de Kas, Zaza’s, Greetje) don’t open for lunch. We’re looking for something a bit more special than a cafe / bistro type spot – around the 25-30 euro mark, but happy to go higher if it’s genuinely good value. Perhaps somewhere that’ll do a group deal, or a set menu or some such. It would be fantastic to hear your thoughts. Cheers.

  32. Hi SV,

    Sounds like a nice trip! Unfortunately, I don’t track opening times in my database (and because I work full-time, I almost never go out for lunch) so I’m not sure which restaurants are open at lunchtime… Have you tried Dauphine? I happen to know that’s open… Otherwise, check out the websites of my fine dining recommendations:

    Good luck! Vicky

  33. Hi Vicky,

    My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam for his birthday and am looking for a good steak restaurant to treat him to! If possible a Dutch take on the classic steak house, something a little different and not too expensive would be ideal!

    Any suggestions??

    Kind regards,
    Kate – Dublin,Ireland

  34. Hi Kate,

    I haven’t done thorough research on steak places in Amsterdam, but I know a woman who has! Take a look at the options here:

  35. Thanks for Bak recommendation. It ticked all the boxes for me – funky location and setting, honest food, thoughtfully prepared in innovative ways and a very reasonable price tag. Any more places like this I would love to know about!

  36. Hey Vicky!

    I am having friends over from China for NYE, but it is almost impossible to find a proper restaurant that is OPEN on the 31st.

    I found Buddha bar to have a great NYE menu but it is booked full :(

    Would you have any recommendation or other good idea? Thank you and happy new year!

  37. Hi Leon,

    I’m afraid I don’t track opening times for restaurants at New Year – I am almost never around in Amsterdam then myself. You could try checking out Anne’s tips from Your Little Black Book ( – she often seems to write posts about NYE… good luck!


  38. Hi!

    I love nice restaurants, I just went to Noma in Copenhagen a couple of days ago. Next week we will visit Amsterdam and have our two not so culinary interested kids aged 9 and 12 with us. Any suggestions?

  39. Hi Fredrrik,

    I guess it depends on what your kids will and won’t eat! But in my (limited) experience, most kids like pasta and pizza… the best places to go (where the food is also top quality for adult tastes!) are La Perla and Spaghetteria… both here:

  40. Hi everyone,

    I have found a Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam, Mandarijn Restaurant Amsterdam.The food is very nice, strongly recommend this restaurant. I found them in tripadvisor.

  41. Hi Vicky, My wife and I are visiting Amsterdam at the end of March for our Anniversary, could you recommend a Restaurant for a romantic dinner, price not an issue.
    Thanks Denis

  42. Hi Denis, I would say most of the places in this list should fit the bill:

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