Top 20 Amsterdam Specialist Food Shops

Almost six years ago, I wrote a short article about the best specialist food shops in Amsterdam. During that time, it’s consistently been the post that gets the highest readership, so I wondered if it was perhaps time to revisit it? Amazingly, all of the places on the original list are still going strong (this in a city where I’ve known restaurants to close and re-open under another name before I’ve even had a chance to review the first version!). So it’s all credit to these shops that they’ve stood the test of time. However, things have moved on in the past half-decade, and I wanted to add my more recent finds into the mix…

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The Original List: Top 10 Amsterdam Specialist Food Shops

  1. Volkskruidentuin (Kinkerstraat 142) – for spices, preserved lemons and all sorts of North African goodies.
  2. Kaaskamer (Runstraat 7) – for wonderful cheeses.
  3. Dun Yong (Stormsteeg 9) – for sushi equipment, soba noodles, Thai basil and all things Asian.
  4. Caulils (Haarlemmerstraat 115) – for polenta, prosciutto and Parmigiano.
  5. Hollandaluz (Haarlemmerstraat 71) – for spicy chorizo, piquillos di pimiento and other Spanish specialities.
  6. Tel (Kloveniersburgwal 13) – for the freshest fish and seafood.
  7. Slagerij de Leeuw (Utrechtsestraat 92) – for meat, pâté charcuterie, and so on.
  8. Duikelman (Ferdinand Bolstraat 68) – for kitchen equipment (such as my gorgeous Mauviel pan that I use constantly!).
  9. Kookboek Handel (Haarlemmerdijk 133) – for cookbooks, including my own!
  10. Wijnkelder (Brouwersgracht 202) – for wine and the best pairing advice.
kaaskamer amsterdam
De Kaaskamer, still going strong (Photo courtesy of Eating Amsterdam Tours)

The Additions (let’s double it and make it a top 20!)

  1. Puccini Bomboni (Singel 184 and Staalstraat 17) – one for the chocolate lovers…
  2. Kef (Marnixstraat 192 and Czar Peterstraat 137) – because you can never have too much cheese on a list about Amsterdam food shops.
  3. Americakes (Lutmastraat 189) – for cupcakes in all shapes, flavours and sizes made by a lovely American lady named Marisa (tell her I said hi!).
  4. De Turk (Van Woustraat 45) – a Turkish corner shop with a difference.
  5. Frank’s Smokehouse (Wittenburgergracht 303) – which is busy selling Frank’s amazing smoked fish to all the best restaurants in Amsterdam…
  6. Ibericus (Haarlemmerstraat 93) – jamón, chorizo, lomo… need I say more, fellow pork lovers?
  7. Bilder & De Clercq (De Clercqstraat 44) – revolutionising the way we decide what to eat for dinner (and selling things like duck confit into the bargain).
  8. De Kruiden Koning – my very own “Spice King” used to have a shop on the Spaarndammerstraat; unfortunately the store is no more, but he now sells spices on his website.
  9. Marqt (multiple locations, see website) – because we’re still grateful this chain of upscale fancy supermarkets exist (even if they do have a habit of stacking shelves at 5 pm, just like Albert Heijn…)
  10. Foodhallen (Bellamyplein 51) – is this really a food shop? Not exactly. It’s more like a giant buffet in the form of a covered market. But anyway, it’s still awesome.
Silky jamón at de Foodhallen…

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