14 of the Best Asian Restaurants in Amsterdam, from Sichuan to Sushi

I do realise that Asia is a large continent and that trying to cover restaurants from so many diverse countries in one article is a bit bonkers. And in fact, I’ve written separate articles about Indonesian rijsttafel, Indian restaurants and ramen joints – because those three cuisines are so well represented in Amsterdam. But for many other restaurants that would loosely fall into the “Asian” category – Chinese restaurants serving dumplings or hotpot, for example, Japanese restaurants serving sushi or street food, Thai restaurants or Vietnamese restaurants – there simply aren’t enough in Amsterdam that I’d recommend to make it worthwhile to publish a separate post. So with that in mind, here are my (fairly scant) recommendations: from Asian fusion to Chinese dim sum, and from Japanese sushi to Vietnamese pho.

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Best Asian fusion restaurant in Amsterdam


As a restaurant critic, I rarely tend to go back to places more than once or twice. I make an exception for A-fusion: an always bustling Asian fusion restaurant in Amsterdam’s very own Chinatown, which stretches along the Zeedijk north of Nieuwmarkt and down a few of the alleyways that run off it. I’ve been regularly frequenting A-fusion since 2008, and I always leave my dining choices in the hands of the kitchen – ordering the fantastic “Bib Gourmand” menu. Whatever they bring is a delight, but I’d recommend adding some steamed oysters and truffle-beef sushi – because you’re worth it.

Fancy sushi at A-fusion

Best Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam

Oriental City

There aren’t a great many Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam worth writing home about, but if you’re craving dim sum head to Oriental City in the Red Light District. Split over several floors and adorned with decorations that transport you straight to the Orient, the restaurant is well-known for its extensive tea selection and its huge dim sum menu. Much more than just dumplings, Oriental City’s Cantonese dim sum ranges from steamed prawn balls to sweet water chestnut pudding.

Not just dumplings: dim sum selection

Sea Palace

Alternatively, if you like your Chinese food with a big helping of kitsch, hop on board the enormous floating Sea Palace – a boat in the shape of a Chinese pagoda moored just to the east of Centraal Station. You can’t miss it. Sea Palace also serves a good dim sum menu, but they offer other Cantonese dishes, Beijing duck and Sichuan cuisine as well (more on that below). It might look like a tourist trap but the food is actually surprisingly good.

Best Sichuan restaurants in Amsterdam

China Sichuan Restaurant

The Sichuan province of China is best known for its ultra-spicy dishes that are not for the faint of palate – taking their heat primarily from dried red chilies and Sichuan peppercorns. If you love to feel the burn, head straight to the aptly named China Sichuan Restaurant. I was a big fan of their fiery yet silky mapo tofu and their fabulously named “ants on trees”: a spicy combination of minced pork, glass noodles, spring onions and seaweed. But everything I tried was bold, punchy and spot-on.

Fiery map tofu at China Sichuan Restaurant

Yuan’s Hot Pot

For excellent Chengdu-style hotpot, don’t miss Yuan’s Hot Pot – now with three locations in Amsterdam. Gather your friends and sit around a steaming vat of broth while you dip assorted skewers of meat, fish or veggies into it until they’re cooked. There are two types of broth to choose from: one spicy and one mild, although you can hedge your bets and opt for half and half. You also get to mix your own dipping sauce from the wide variety of condiments lined up at the counter. Sichuan hot pot is perhaps one of my favourite communal dining experiences.

Yuan's Hot Pot Amsterdam
Yuan’s Hot Pot

Best Japanese restaurants in Amsterdam

De Japanner

Although De Japanner calls itself a street-food concept, it’s not actually a food truck or a market stall out on the street. Although its first branch does occupy a venue along the Albert Cuypmarkt, so perhaps that kind of counts? The style of food, however, is definitely small bites that you can eat with your hands (or perhaps a pair of chopsticks). Think kimchi gyoza, herring sashimi, beef tataki and chicken katsu. For the price and the atmosphere, it’s a good-value, fun night out. Plus, it’s open till midnight. Now with four locations.

Sushi Fanatics

No article featuring Japanese restaurants in Amsterdam would be complete without at least one recommendation for traditional, high-quality sushi, where every authentic piece is crafted by hand. That’s what you’ll find at Sushi Fanatics, where they are (as the name suggests) fanatical about sushi. If you eat upstairs, you’ll even get to sit at a traditional low-slung Japanese table on a cushioned bank on the floor – although people with knee problems would be advised to sit downstairs. You can order individual pieces of nigiri or rolls of 4-8 pieces from Sushi Fanatics’ menu (also available for takeaway and delivery). But to get a broader taste experience, go for one of three “combo” options made up of 13 pieces of sushi – one being more traditional, one more creative, and one vegetarian. Sushi Fanatics also has an extensive sake list featuring sakes in a range of different styles – ideal for the sake newbie wanting to try a few options.

Sushi Fanatics: fanatical about sushi


OTEMBA were first known in Amsterdam for their ramen (and I’ve written a whole separate article about ramen), but in February 2024 they opened a second branch in de Pijp – this time specialising in gyoza. And who doesn’t love a dumpling? They serve them three different ways – naked with a slick of mayo, “soaked” in a dressing, and swimming in broth – and we tried all three. I absolutely loved the chicken gyoza in tonkotsu broth, not least because it’s like a mini bowl of ramen and gyoza in one. But the hoisin veggie gyoza soaked in cha siu dressing was a flavour bomb as well: sweet, savoury and silky. Try them all!

Chicken tonkotsu gyoza at OTEMBA

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Amsterdam

Before Japanese ramen hit Amsterdam, we were all eating Vietnamese pho – and there are a couple of places serving up a decent bowl of steaming beef broth in Amsterdam. Pho 91 is a relaxed and affordable spot next to the Albert Cuypmarkt for a bowl of soup and other Vietnamese specialities. While Little Saigon serves great Vietnamese sandwiches, spring rolls and pho at branches in both Chinatown and Noord.

Best Thai restaurants in Amsterdam

Even when I first moved to Amsterdam in 2006, Thai food was one of the few “ethnic” cuisines that already existed here. Serving the usual mix of curries, stir-fries, pad Thai and salads, I’ve always liked Little Thai Prince in Chinatown, which looks basic but the food is reliably good. For something a little more upscale, try Kinnaree in the Jordaan.

Thai restaurants in Amsterdam - Bar Mash
Spicy noodles at Bar Mash

However, there’s now a new generation of Thai restaurants that are reinventing themselves as a hotspot for a night out – rather than somewhere with the traditionally kitsch décor. For Thai beers, cocktails, music, sharing platters of Thai appetisers and (of course) noodles and curries, try Bar Mash in de Pijp (also serving very reasonably priced lunchtime options). For a party atmosphere and a wide selection of local beers, try Boi Boi on the Dapperstraat in Oost.

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all the info

A-fusion (Asian)

Bar Mash (Thai)

Boi Boi (Thai)

De Japanner (Japanese)

Kinnaree (Thai)

Little Saigon (Vietnamese)

Little Thai Prince (Thai)

Oriental City (Chinese)

OTEMBA-gyoza (Japanese)

Pho 91 (Vietnamese)

Sea Palace (Chinese)

China Sichuan Restaurant (Chinese)

Sushi Fanatics (Japanese)

Yuan's Hot Pot (Chinese)


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