6 of the Best Amsterdam Food Delivery Services

There was a time when takeaway meant pseudo chow mein from the dodgy Chinese restaurant around the corner, or Turkish pizza from that place down the street with the giant rotating meat stick in the window. Fortunately, times have moved on. We have the internet, for a start. Which – broadly speaking – has led to more choice, a greater appreciation for authenticity, and a range of different takeaway and food delivery services in Amsterdam that are better tailored to the people googling them.

All this is good news for those moments of laziness in which both cooking and going out to a restaurant are too much effort. Hangover Days, I’m talking about you. And Netflix Days – I’m talking about you, too. And so I present…

Amsterdam Food Delivery Services: 6 of the Best

Thuisbezorgd: for lazy hangover takeaway

Yes, Thuisbezorgd has been going strong for a while – and with pretty good reason. It’s simple to create an account, and the range of cuisine is huge – although it skews more towards the usual takeaway suspects: Indian, Thai, pizza, burgers, you get the idea… My favourites include Dutch DabbaWala for curry, Poké Perfect for poké bowls and Vegan Sushi Bar for sushi. Thuisbezorgd collects them all in one place and facilitates the delivery process. Of course, you could cut out the middleman, but every time I’ve tried to spell my address over the phone in Dutch with my English accent to another non-native Dutch speaker with (for example) an Indian accent – well, it’s quickly descended into linguistic chaos. Not what you need with that hangover…

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Uber Eats: for healthier/more upscale takeaway

The difference between Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats has diminished over recent years. But traditionally, Thuisbezorgd was your go-to for fast food and classic takeout fare, whereas Uber Eats was the better platform for healthier or more upscale options. Since the pandemic, more Amsterdam restaurants in general offer takeaway and delivery, but you’ll still find a few more proper restaurants (as opposed to pure takeouts) via Uber Eats. My favourites include d&a hummus bistro (for silky hummus and other Middle Eastern food), Sushi Fanatics (for sushi), Oriental City (for dim sum) and Loulou Pizzabar (for pizza).

Takeaway Amsterdam - Hummus Bistro d&a
Uber Eats delivers from d&a hummus bistro – that’s Sunday night, sorted!

Hello Fresh: for meal boxes

HelloFresh’s concept is all about fresh meals that busy people can make from scratch in half an hour: a mission I heartily applaud. Every week, there are a bunch of recipes to choose from, and HelloFresh delivers a box full of fresh ingredients to your door with which to make them. Of course, it all depends on what you pick, the number of meals you want and the number of people you need to cater for (which you can adjust every week if things change). The recipes are easy and step-by-step, although the time I tried it they were all in Dutch (this was a while ago so it might have changed since then). The food itself was unfailingly fresh and high quality, and the quantities were generous. Personally, I enjoy the process of food shopping, deciding what to cook, and spending time doing it. But for those short on time or inclination, HelloFresh is a quick and easy way to get fresh meals into your family’s bellies.

De Krat: for local, seasonal produce

In short, De Krat offers a crate of beautifully fresh, local, seasonal ingredients brought straight to your door, complete with the recipes for how to cook them. Ok, so it takes a bit more preparation time than the other delivery options in this list, but you still don’t have to leave the house for it. You can order De Krat’s food boxes as a one-off, or get a weekly subscription. There are six boxes to choose from, and De Krat has a partnership with grocery delivery service Crisp – which means you can add other groceries to your weekly box order. Handy!

Marleen Kookt: for family suppers

I first discovered Marleen way back in 2014, and then realised she was cooking for half my colleagues at MegaCorp too. The Marleen Kookt concept is to create healthy, family meals that are delivered fully prepared but cold; you then warm them up at home in the oven or microwave (she sends instructions with every dish). Orders need to be placed before 11 am on the day you want them delivered – but it’s also possible to pre-order for the coming week. You then choose a 60-minute delivery slot between 4 and 8 pm. Dishes are delivered in porcelain cookware, which are both convenient for heating up and sustainable (the team collects them when they deliver your next order). A great system all round.

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Thuisgekookt: for community spirit

“Fresh meals for and by neighbours” is Thuisgekookt’s tagline, whose mission is to help neighbours take care of each other through cooking. If you’re a home cook who always has a portion or two left over, this is a great way to help out in your local community. And if you’re a neighbour in need of a helping hand – perhaps due to health or mobility issues – Thuisgekookt could just be your saviour. The meals can be either delivered or picked up, and as it’s a charitable initiative the only money that changes hands is cost price – there’s no profit involved.


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