In search of tacos in Amsterdam, part 9: Flora

Please note that since writing this blog post, Flora has closed down

It was all the way back in 2013 (I can’t believe that’s six years ago already) that I started my series of posts about searching for tacos in Amsterdam… Over the intervening years, I concluded that the only tacos I really liked came from pop-ups like Orale Taqueria and Best Coast Taqueria. But this was problematic because you could never guarantee a good taco experience when you needed it. So I was thrilled to discover that the folks behind Best Coast opened their own permanent venue in the Bilderdijkpark in West: Flora. It took me a little while to get there (now that I’m an Oost dweller and still inherently lazy) but get there I did last Saturday. And I’m more than glad that I made the trek…

I was with five of my very best friends in the world, and it had been a while since we’d all been together – so spirits were high before we started. That said, spirits were even higher after a margarita and a sharing plate of nachos. The latter were freshly fried and topped with queso fresco, black beans, Mexican crema, two types of salsa – one green tomatillo and one red and smoky – as well as some raw radish, onion and coriander to garnish. The ingredients were all properly layered up, so you didn’t end up with a glut of dry tortilla chips left over at the end. Perfect for sharing between two or more people.

Nachos in Amsterdam - Flora
Loaded nachos at Flora

Needless to say, we ordered every variety of taco on the menu. While there were two meaty ones – spicy carnitas (pulled pork) and achiote chicken –

my favourite had to be the elote tacos: filled with roasted corn and refried black beans, and topped with the most incredible sauce of nuts and chilli (the menu informs me it’s called salsa macha – I’d never heard of it but I’m desperate for more).

Flora also serves a couple of different quesadillas, so we decided to try them too (the advantage of being in a group). One was filled with kimchi, which was pretty tasty although I’m never totally convinced by the combination of cheese and kimchi. I preferred the other: stuffed with pickled cactus and topped with more cheesy, creamy goodness. All the dishes came with three salsas of varying heat and intensity (I am a huge fan of the smoky pineapple) but honestly with this much flavour going on you really don’t need to add anything extra to the dishes.

Tacos in Amsterdam - Flora
The best tacos in town!

Dinner totalled €35 each including a couple of drinks, and kept us going throughout an evening of dancing and drinking at De Nieuwe Anita just down the road. Of course, I felt my age the next morning when my hangover kicked in, but for a moment there it felt just like 2013 again… only with way better tacos.

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Flora (Mexican)


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