Amsterdam BBQ Guide: Part 3 – Where to Barbecue in Amsterdam Parks

If you happen to live in an Amsterdam apartment with no outdoor space, barbecuing can be a challenge. I should know – I fell into that category for eight years. Lighting up a portable grill in one of Amsterdam’s parks may seem like a good idea, but barbecuing in one of Europe’s most densely populated cities is not always that simple. In recent years, the gemeente has banned BBQs in certain Amsterdam parks, and in others has put regulations in place that only allow barbecuing your food in special locations. I’m not thrilled about this, but safety first ‘n all that. The law is the law, and it’s worth being aware of it. So, for part 3 of this Amsterdam BBQ Guide, let’s get straight to the nitty gritty…

Which Amsterdam parks allow BBQs?

BBQ Amsterdam park
Ribs ‘n corn – where to BBQ in your local Amsterdam park!

Amsterdam parks that allow BBQs

Hurrah, it’s time to fire up your portable BBQ! But only in these parks:

  • Rembrandtpark
  • Oosterpark
  • Frankendaelpark
  • Noorderpark
  • Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdam parks that have banned BBQs

It’s sad but true: there’s no more grilling at these parks…

  • Vondelpark
  • Sarphatipark
  • Beatrixpark
  • Amstelpark

Amsterdam parks that permit BBQs in designated places

In my local park (the Westerpark), there are permanent BBQ grills that you can use to cook al fresco. But get in early – they’re understandably popular! The following parks have designation BBQ areas:

  • Westerpark
  • Erasmuspark
  • Flevopark

Of course, regulations can change, and although this information is correct as far as I know right now (May 2017), I take no responsibility or liability for anyone choosing to BBQ in one of the Amsterdam parks mentioned above. The City of Amsterdam provides a handy interactive BBQ map on their website.

For parts 1 and 2 of my Amsterdam BBQ Guide, read about Barbecue Shops and Supplies in Amsterdam as well as Unique BBQ Recipes!


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