Four years of monthly seasonal ingredients

In September 2008, I sort of accidentally started writing a post every month about a particular seasonal ingredient with a couple of examples of recipes you could make with it. Exactly four years and 48 ingredients later , I’ve decided to retire my monthly blog on this subject for the time being. There are a […]

August beans: is it broad? is it fava? is it tuin?

One of the side-effects of international dating is that your English goes to the dogs. My vocabulary is currently a mixture of British and American with an occasional smattering of Dutch when I forget my own language. There are linguistic misunderstandings all the time, which (generally) make for much amusement, and occasionally lead to culinary […]

July: orzo and a poor attempt at detox

Since returning from England last Sunday, a few pounds heavier on the scales and a few pounds lighter in the wallet, I decided to attempt a detox week. When I say detox, we’re not talking wheatgrass shots, carrot juice and expensive pills. We’re just talking fish and chicken rather than red meat, plenty of fresh […]

June: the mighty aubergine

I have shamelessly stolen the title for this post from a chapter in Ottolenghi’s second book, Plenty. Because the aubergine IS mighty. It takes on every teensy bit of flavour that gets near it. You can fry it, grill it, bake it or steam it. Stuff it, mash it, char it or sear it. But […]

May-day drinking and grapefruit goodness

I’m not sure grapefruits are ever really in season in northern Europe, but according to Google they’re in season winter through June in the places they are grown (seemingly various states of America) so I thought I’d take advantage of the end of the crop. What it is the season for, however, is daytime, alfresco […]

April: clue-is-in-the-title spring onions with a Creole twist

I’d never really thought about the fact that spring onions are so called for a reason. So now that it’s spring (sort of – other than the fact that it’s, like, freezing), I thought I’d get inventive with these tangy little onion-meets-leek crossovers… This next bit is seemingly unrelated, but bear with me: a couple […]

March: better-late-than-never swede

I keep a list of potential ingredients I might want to write about in my ‘Seasonal cooking’ posts. Swede was sort of penciled in for January, and then I ended up getting distracted by the honey badger. So I decided to re-visit it for March, even though it must be on the brink of going […]

February: in need of vitamin C

Ahhh February, my old friend! We meet again. You know how I feel about February: it’s all bills and work and tax returns and Valentine’s drivel. And now Holland has suddenly formed part of the Arctic circle and – as if things could get any worse – this February my passport is off in Paris […]

January with the Honey Badger

I haven’t written a post this year. That would seem to be pretty poor form for a blogger. I kind of have an excuse, but it’s not a very good one. I haven’t been to any new restaurants, and I haven’t cooked much. There are reasons for this: I was staying in a chalet in […]

December: festive pomegranates

I was reading a blog or a cook book recently whose author said that they thought pomegranates looked ‘festive’. I was surprised, because I thought they looked sort of summery, but then I discovered they’re in season in winter. Easily persuaded, my metaphor-inclined mind likened their red jewels to Christmas-tree lights, stained glass windows, and […]