Amsterdam Anniversary: cocktails and bar food at Snappers

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post in celebration of my 10-year Amsterdam anniversary. But clearly writing blog posts wasn’t the only thing I got up to on such a momentous occasion! Come the evening, I got my hair cut, headed to the Leidsestraat for a spot of koopavond shopping, and met a […]

10 Years in Amsterdam: This Foodie’s Highlights

On 14th January 2006, a nervous 25-year old British woman sat nursing a cappuccino at Pret a Manger in Heathrow airport with a one-way ticket to Amsterdam. Precisely 10 years later, a slightly more self-assured (but no less caffeine-addicted) 35-year old sits in her Spaarndammerbuurt apartment-cum-office and never looks back. Contrary to my parents’ fears, […]

Dry January? Go out for brunch.

Anyone attempting a dry January this year? Or Veganuary – this month’s answer to Stoptober? Me neither. Let’s face it: dry, meatless, miserable Monday is tough enough as it is. But 12 days straight of festive eating and drinking to a calorific point of oblivion does call for some reining in of appetite – for […]

Happyhappyjoyjoy: Amsterdam’s Asian-Fusion Foodie Funhouse

When I read that Asian-fusion restaurant Happyhappyjoyjoy was the brainchild of IQ Creative and Julius Jaspers, I was – umm – filled with neither happiness nor joy, if I’m honest. I’ve waited 110 minutes for a piece of barbecued meat at Julius Bar & Grill. I’ve almost starved to death at Envy (ok, I exaggerate […]

Top 10 Amsterdam Restaurants 2015

For the first time last year, I posted an (entirely subjective) round-up of the best Amsterdam restaurants of 2014. The reaction was so immense that it – umm – broke my website :-/ This year, with the redesigned website being (hopefully) rather more stable, it’s time once again to look back at a memorable year […]

New in Amsterdam: Street Food at Jackson Dubois and Takeaways from Dis

Yes, “New in Amsterdam” is currently code for “slightly sponsored (not in money but in food) post but I’ve not yet got around to creating a category for this”. Made even more confusing this week by the fact that my thoughts about Dis were fully funded by me – it just happens to be new, […]

Wine vs. Beer: Drinking Food Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Drinking Food: food you eat post-after-work drinks, food you eat while sipping a cocktail, and food you eat late at night to stave off a hangover (generally unsuccessfully). Well guess what? ‘Tis the season for – umm – drinking some more! This week, I’m reviewing two ends […]

Yatta Sushi: pre-Burlesque sushi in deepest, darkest Watergraafsmeer

Until a few days ago, there was only one reason to go to Watergraafsmeer as far as I was concerned: de Kas. Oh, and possibly Merkelbach if you happened to get lost in the Frankendael park on the way home from Intratuin. But last Saturday night, I found myself wandering through the strangely suburban, pedestrianised […]

Drinking Food: the ok-ish, the worse, and the more-drinking-than-food

Yes, I have been known to indulge in the odd glass (or bottle) of wine on a Friday (or Tuesday) night… I realise it’s not that good for me, but it’s pretty much my only vice in an otherwise fairly healthy lifestyle (despite what you’re all thinking about my restaurant habit). And besides, we’re all […]