Amsterdam tapas, traditional and modern: Barra and Pikoteo

A long time ago (ok, about seven years ago) in a land called Amsterdam, life for me was one long tapas-fuelled speed date… Until one day I was all tapas-ed out (read into that what you will) and my forays into chorizo and patatas bravas were few and far between. In the last couple of […]

6 Places to Eat a Juicy Citizen (umm, I mean burger) in Amsterdam

The other week, I saw a sponsored Facebook post advertising “tasty ribs and juicy citizens”. After puzzling for a few minutes about what a juicy citizen might taste like, and whether cannibalism was in fact legal in our (admittedly tolerant) city, I realised this was a classic case of Google Translate. “Burgers” in Dutch can […]

Dam Drinking: A Guide to Cocktails, Wine and Beer in Amsterdam

I make no secret of the fact that half the time I can barely remember what I ate for dessert – or even if I ate dessert at all. My penchant for all things alcoholic replaces any kind of a sweet tooth I may once have had; and if I do indulge in something sweet, […]

Pendergast: Life. Changing. Barbecue.

So. Let’s talk about brisket. I’d never even tried brisket until about four-and-a-half years ago, when I was on a road trip through the Deep South (the same fateful road trip that would ultimately lead to my importing an American into Europe and turning him into a food snob). My friend and I had decided […]

Verzet Pop-up: more Instagram than eating

When a friend of mine invited me for dinner to say thank you for helping her out with her website, I was obviously delighted. I was even more delighted when she told me it was a pop-up cooked by Dutch MasterChef winner Bart Van Berkel coupled with a British chef called Justin Brown. That’s kind […]

Chickpeas, Glorious Chickpeas! (Or: Where to Eat Hummus in Amsterdam)

So. Hummus. It seems to be officially a thing. I mean, of course there were places like Beyrouth and Orontes selling it before – but now there are entire restaurants just dedicated to the humble chickpea purée. And a jolly good idea it is too, if you ask me. Hummus is cheap to produce, goes […]

VIDEO: Back2Back Challenge at Baut Zuidas

On 6th March 2016, popular temporary restaurant Baut (formerly located in Het Parool’s ex-headquarters and now re-located to the Zuidas) held a so-called “Back2Back Challenge”. Playing off the musical challenge in which two DJs take over the turntables, each mixing the other’s track into their next number, Baut’s event used the same premise but with […]

Top 20 Amsterdam Specialist Food Shops

Almost six years ago, I wrote a short article about the best specialist food shops in Amsterdam. During that time, it’s consistently been the post that gets the highest readership, so I wondered if it was perhaps time to revisit it? Amazingly, all of the places on the original list are still going strong (this […]

Fine dining for every occasion: Kaagman & Kortekaas and La Cacerola

Fine dining. High-end restaurants. Haute cuisine. Love it or hate it (and I sometimes do both in equal measure – especially when presented with the bill at the end), there are times when only the best will do. It’s your anniversary with your partner, your Dad’s 70th birthday, your boss’s leaving do… sometimes life requires […]