Drinking Food: the ok-ish, the worse, and the more-drinking-than-food

Yes, I have been known to indulge in the odd glass (or bottle) of wine on a Friday (or Tuesday) night… I realise it’s not that good for me, but it’s pretty much my only vice in an otherwise fairly healthy lifestyle (despite what you’re all thinking about my restaurant habit). And besides, we’re all […]

Oldies but Goodies: Taste of Culture and White Elephant

Let’s just say, when you’ve written over 500 blog posts, it starts to get a little tough to come up with new and interesting angles to talk about food… So there I was, sitting in a Chinese restaurant with my mate Chris, when he says: “Our baby is a week overdue. We’re hoping it’s going […]

A Foodie’s Guide to Chicago: 10 Essential Eats

When a wedding recently brought me to Chicago, I took the opportunity to tack a few days onto the weekend to do some eating. Because why not? I was lucky: I was staying with the Honey Badger’s cousins, followed by a foodie ex-colleague from back in day at Mega Corp. I didn’t need to do […]

What’s New in Amsterdam Food? GIN Neo Bistro, Ali Ocakbasi and Shirkhan

A week ago, I wrote a post about an ethical blogging dilemma: is it ever possible to accept a free lunch and still write about it honestly and objectively afterwards? I’ve not entirely solved my issue, although I did appreciate the opinions of dozens of Facebook followers who took the time to give me their […]

Ethical Blogging: Is there any such thing as a free lunch?

When I started this blog back in 2007, it was just me and a couple of other food geeks sitting in our bedrooms writing down our personal thoughts, safe in the knowledge that very few people other than our mums and best friends were ever going to read them. None of the restaurants knew who […]

Where to Go on Date Night

Date Night. This was a new one on me. Sure, I’d been on hundreds of dates (mostly to tapas restaurants circa 2008). But those dates with new people – guys you’ve met on the internet, or speed dating, or just good old-fashioned blind dates set up by your mates – are something different. Date Night, […]

Possibly the Best Sandwich in Amsterdam… Ever

Yes, I realise that’s quite the claim. But it comes from the woman whose experiences with Dutch lunches inspired her to write a whole cookbook more or less slamming the humble kaas broodje in this country, so maybe it’s not such a grand claim after all… But just look at this thing of beauty: It’s […]

How to Be a Foodie (and Not End up Obese)

According to Mashable, I don’t exist. Apparently, the word “foodie” died with Rachel’s haircut in Friends. And, if their new-fangled terms are to be believed, I now fall into the “Roadeater” category of food lover – a term which, as some astute Twitter follower pointed out, makes it sound more like I eat roadkill than […]

Chef’s Podium: 3 ingredients; 3 courses; 1 chef

One of my (admittedly numerous) pet peeves in restaurants is unnecessarily long menus. The kind that, were you to in fact study all gazillion dishes on them, would mean losing 45 minutes of your life – not to mention valuable friend-catch-up time. If there’s going to be choice, I want it to be a choice […]

Where to eat in Rome when there’s no avoiding the tourist traps

I once wrote down a quote (I can’t remember who it was by) that went something along the lines of: “Sex is like Shakespeare: even when it’s bad, it’s still a damn sight better than the alternative.” The same is probably true of food in Rome: even if you’re in an over-priced pizza joint that’s […]