Hipsta pasta at Spaghetteria

Another gruelling bar crawl on Friday night (seriously, this bar-reviewing malarkey is a young woman’s game) was made slightly less hangover worthy (“slightly” being the operative word – I still had a cracking headache most of Saturday) by eating dinner at Spaghetteria mid-crawl.

Spaghetteria cooks one thing and cooks it very well: pasta. Not just spaghetti, as the name might suggest, but fusilli, fettuccine and everything in between. There are six dishes to choose from – some simpler vege-based ones, a couple of pescatarian numbers, and something for the carnivores – all of which come with a simple salad of leaves and radishes. Two of us went for a slow-cooked deer ragù with broad ribbons of freshly made pasta and lashings of parmesan, while the other two opted for ornate tubes of al dente pasta with perfectly seasoned, garlicky Italian sausages. Clearly we all fell into the carnivore category, then.


We didn’t have room for the tiramisu or the scroppino, in the end (we had to save room for the liver-pickling amount of cocktails we were later to imbibe), but the afters ordered by our table mates looked fab. We split a couple of bottles of Barbera, and sat family-style at the large wooden table amiably sharing tap water, chilli oil and pepper mills with the Van Woustraat hipsters. It all had an easy, casual quality about it that the guys in the kitchen clearly felt and perpetuated, too.


Go to Spaghetteria for a quick, good-value dinner, but don’t go expecting to linger. Reservations aren’t possible, and seats turn over fast – but this comes with the bonus that waiting times are short, even if the queue looks long. Just remember to take your iPhone – you’ll want to Instagram your pasta later.

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Spaghetteria (Italian)


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