Omelegg and other egg-cellent word play

Do any of you watch Saturday Kitchen on the BBC? You know the bit where they have the omelette challenge, which seems to be more of a contest to see how many egg jokes they can fit into a three-minute segment than whether anyone can cook an edible omelette? And it’s not just Saturday Kitchen – for some unfathomable reason, whenever the word “egg” comes up, copywriters everywhere feel compelled to make egg puns. Maybe because it’s just such an egg-ceedingly versatile little one-syllable word…

Hence, I presume, Omelegg: a play on omelette and egg (obvs) whose interior is about as cheesy as its name. In a nice way, mind you. It’s very un-Amsterdammy, too. Think Swiss lodge meets LA’s kitsch rustic impression of what Europe is supposed to look like. It’s got funny wooden booths with sledges hanging from the ceiling (maybe – I don’t actually remember, but it seems logical).

The menus are in keeping with the rustic theme: large wooden boards with the names of the dishes sort of soldered onto the wood. You’ve got to hope the chef doesn’t decide to change his mind after a month, or that’s some serious expense wasted. Not surprisingly, the dishes on the menu are egg-heavy: omelettes, shakshuka, eggs Benedict, scrambled or fried eggs… it’s more or less Hangover Heaven.


I opted for an omelette (it would seem rude not to), and went for the full “Farm Boy” whammy of bacon, sausage, broccoli, spinach, onion and cheese. There were probably other things in there too (including some mushrooms, which I’d expressly asked to be left out) but they got lost among the sheer volume of ingredients. The omelette was well made, however: not too runny, not too set, and definitely not the kind of stuffed egg-pancake I’ve experienced at other breakfast places in Amsterdam.

The juices were fresh, the coffee so-so, and the mint tea was free (for us) because of the mushroom mess-up. You’re looking at spending around €30 for two people, including drinks and tip, although the service is still more Amsterdam than LA. Still, you can’t beat a decent eggy breakfast, and I’ll be back for some more egg-citing word play soon no doubt…

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Omelegg (Brunch)


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