My new job: Eating Amsterdam Food Tours (oh yes)

So you know how I told you I’d quit the corporate job? Well, here’s the deal: I’ve gone fully foodie freelance – yep, no more corporate cash. And my first assignment is to work at least 50% of my week for Eating Amsterdam Tours – a brand new, totally awesome food tours company in my beloved adoptive city (not that I’m biased or anything).

Now, you might think I’d be tour guiding people (I am, as we know, an exhibitionist), but you’d be wrong. In fact, I’m managing all their marketing, social media, blog content (at least we know I’m experienced in that field!), PR and general comms… oh, and I get to eat lots of yummy food on the tours, too. So pretty much my dream job then!

In order to keep me in work and (rather more importantly) to help spread the word about how amazing Dutch food is – or at least, can be – I’d love it if you’d check out the website of our Amsterdam Tours, and read all about our Jordaan Food & Canals Tour (which includes an hour’s boat ride – complete with bubbles – on the Hotel Pulitzer’s gorgeously old-fashioned canal boat!) and our Jordaan Food (Walking) Tour.

Since I wrote it anyway, there’s not a lot of point in me paraphrasing myself here, but suffice to say that the food tour offers a lot more than just food. Yes, you get to try the best apple pie in Amsterdam, discover that you really do like herring after all, sample the most incredible borrelhapjes you’ve ever had (think cheese from De Kaaskamer and bitterballen from Holtkamp). But you also get to do all this within the context of the amazing history and people that make our fair city what it is today…

Photo credit: Catalin Trifan

Of course, I’d love it if you booked one of our tours. But that aside, we’re also blogging about all sorts of useful travel tips, and social media-ing to our little foodie hearts’ content. Do come and join the conversation:

So yes, I am biased. But this really is an experience not to be missed…


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