Mazzo and Me Day

Please note that since writing this blog post, Mazzo has closed down

Yesterday was Me Day. MegaCorp has had me working 12-hour days lately, and I hadn’t been out for dinner in a week – a week! Clearly I was in desperate need of some recuperative foodie fun.

My Me Day started at Mazzo with a mint tea. I ordered the ‘large’ bruschetta with porchetta, sun-dried tomatoes, rocket and carrots. There was nothing large about it, the bread was drenched in oil, and the dish was over-powered by the tang of the sun-dried tomatoes and carrots that seemed to have been preserved in the same liquor. The pork was good, when I could make it out.

My friend, who I’d roped into basically organising my Me Day for me, had a pumpkin soup that she reported to have hot patches and cold patches (not really what you want in a soup) and a toastie made with sliced white bread and a Breville toastie machine. Better was the torta della nonna, which resembled a baked lemon cheesecake. Then we got told off. Having spent what felt like hours wildly gesticulating in an attempt divert the waiting staff’s attention away from their computers and onto their customers, we tried to order a latte and a hot chocolate. Wires crossed and we ended up with the latte, the hot chocolate and an extra coffee which we sent back. Miraculously, our waiter managed to tear himself away from his screen addiction – but only for as long as it took him to tell us off for not ordering clearly enough. The customer is always wrong, after all.

Fortunately, my Me Day got better after that. I’ll spare you the details of the afternoon’s pampering session at Just Wellness, and skip straight onto the evening, when I had dinner at the wonderful A-fusion, followed by caipirinhas and dancing at my favourite dive, the Brasil Music Bar. Me Day was – predictably – followed up by Hangover Day.

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Mazzo (Italian)


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