Fish with Mr and Mrs Foodie

I’m not convinced that it isn’t rather too hot to be blogging right now… lying in the park sounds distinctly more appealing than sitting at my computer. So I’ll try and keep this short (for once).

Last weekend heralded the visit of Mr and Mrs Foodie (aka Mum & Dad). After dragging them round a foodie tour of Amsterdam, we went for dinner at Vis aan de Schelde. If you’ve ever been, you’ll understand why it this fish restaurant needs to maintain its great reputation. It’s just by the RAI, meaning it’s not going to get a lot of passing tourist trade. Nevertheless, it was packed. And rightly so.

Things to put on bread, while looking at menus

The menu consisted of a special set menu (2-5 courses), a seasonal menu or a signature menu. You could mix and match between all three, and order two starters if you preferred. It meant that we ended up with a huge variety of dishes, all cooked perfectly and served with pride. In fact, the service was just as exceptional as the food. And here it all is – photographed for your food porn pleasure.

The amuse:

Beignet of crayfish, sweetcorn cream and lemongrass juice

Possibly my favourite dish:

Haddock, scallop, pata negra, black venus rice
Lobster bisque, shrimp croquettes

This one sounds like overload but was stunning and looked like something off the Great British Menu:

Red mullet, calamari, chicken and prawns with gazpacho
Monkfish wrapped in pancetta, fish croquettes, aubergine puree, kohlrabi, pea puree
Turbot with saffron cream

And finally dessert…

Rhubarb cake, red berry jelly, strawberries and ice cream

The verdict? You’re looking at around 80 squid each (that means euros), but it’s worth it for the service alone. Especially if your parents are paying.

all the info

Vis aan de Schelde (International)


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