VIDEO: What About Leo – introducing social grocery

On 17th May 2016, What About Leo held a launch event at VondelCS in Amsterdam. The purpose? To showcase their new online platform that brings together budding foodies with the best local producers in Italy, France and Spain.

I love this concept, but it’s a little difficult to explain succinctly. Sure it’s a web shop for food, but it’s a lot more than that as well. You know how when you go on holiday, you try all sorts of amazing produce from the local markets and farms, and then you get back and you can’t find it at home? What About Leo allows food lovers and chefs in northern Europe to buy ingredients or products (think cheese, wine, charcuterie, sauces and so on) from farmers and producers in southern Europe who usually only sell locally, at a small-scale, because they can’t afford to do otherwise. The service gives 70% of the money paid by the customer direct to the producer – which means they can keep up the same high quality that they’re known and loved for in the first place. It’s still small-scale (these products are pretty niche, and pretty pricey) but it widens the distribution pool for the producers, while increasing the supply of top-quality produce for customers. And because customers’ orders are bundled together, it’s economical enough to pay the import/transport bills.

But enough of me trying to explain the concept. Watch this video of What About Leo’s launch event in Amsterdam and all will become clear!

For more information and to place an order, visit whataboutleo.com.


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