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April: clue-is-in-the-title spring onions with a Creole twist

Apr 052012
 April 5, 2012  Seasonal cooking  Add comments

I’d never really thought about the fact that spring onions are so called for a reason. So now that it’s spring (sort of – other than the fact that it’s, like, freezing), I thought I’d get inventive with these tangy little onion-meets-leek crossovers…

This next bit is seemingly unrelated, but bear with me: a couple of weeks ago, I attended my first crawfish boil. My friend (who had – amazingly – organised the whole thing in my honour) presented me with my very own jar of Creole spice mix afterwards so that I could recreate some of the magic in my own kitchen. So there I was thinking about spring onions and Creole spices, and this was the rather hybrid result…

First, I marinated some chicken breasts in the spices, together with a spoonful of honey and a dash of soy sauce, which I later threw on the griddle and then in the oven to finish off.

Then, weirdly, I made Caribbean rice and peas, which were cooked with spring onions, coconut milk, kidney beans and thyme.

For one version of my Caribbean-Creole fusion, I made a salsa with (you’ve guessed it) spring onions, red pepper, pineapple, chilli, ginger, mint, coriander, lime juice and sugar.

And for the other, I griddled a few whole spring onions till they were soft and lightly charred to top the chicken.

Not bad for a jetlagged Wednesday night.

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